Balut Tagalog

Food find from O'Manila. They have it on a steamer on top of the counter next to the register. My hubby was drooling so I agreed to get him some not knowing that we could finish all four pcs. I am not a balut eater but I don't mind the yellow part. That only after my hubby opens it for me and separates the yellow part. It was hard for me taking this pic but for the sake of blogging.


  1. naka kaon man gid ko balut on my last week in iloilo...the vendor is located in front (corner) of Iloilo Doctors Hosp...

  2. Hello Nat, hidlaw man ta sa imo bah. Yeah my suki nada kami sa my doctors nga vendor sang balut. gaming iya piso hehehe

  3. Hey, ladies, that reminded me, too during my training at IDH in the early 80'! Baw, daw a kahapon lamang, ba! Yes, namit dira ila balot!!!



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