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Broiled Bangus

We have five days to go before flying to the Philippines and still can't wait because I am so craving for broiled bangus that even with the 92 degree California heat I turned on the oven. Yes, my husband won't stop whining (till now) how hot it is and I made it more hotter blah blah blah... but all I want is too have this. After a couple of hours wait it is really worth it. I had me some juicy bangus in banana leaves.Ingredients:
boneless butterfly bangus (milkfish)
banana leaves
aluminum foil
2 med. tomato, sliced thin
1 small onion, sliced thin
salt & pepper

Cooking Direction:
Turn over to 375f. On a bowl mix tomato, onion, salt and pepper. Place the mixture in between the fish. Wrap the fish with banana leaves then in an aluminum foil and broil for an hour or so. Usually I do this in the grill but don't have patience today to start the grill.


  1. Nat very namit gid kag tungod I wrapped it with aluminum foil after the banana leaves te ka juicy gid. Tapos gindamo ko pa abi ang tomato and onion sus daw gintindakan tyan ko hehehe