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Dos Marias

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

Supreme....Got to have some of this.... kids can't wait to have a piece or two.


  1. Teh, pila ka tawo nagwaok-waok sina nga pizza? Daw namit haw? I didn't get the chance to taste Dos Marias last time! Maybe next time guro//

  2. Lee not that great ila pizza. or maybe wrong choice of toping lang. ang love & kisses nakapaayaw nako pero lipat ko mag picture and also and greenwich. mabalik paman ako didto ah.

  3. daw habol ba!! daw indi man gid maayo ang review ni Jorp sina...namit tuod ang aton oldies nga greenwich and L&K--sbarro namit man pro mahal by iloilo standards----

    ang afrique's bala nga pizza, namit!

  4. Hello.... 6 more days fly back na ako.

    Nat tuod gid man the best man gihapon ang mga orig. Sbarro okey man pero daw indi pang masa. Kada lakat ko daan isa ka platoon dala ko hehehe