Balbi's since 1960

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

It can't get any better than this. Balbi's still serve the best Palabok and Dinuguan for me.

SINCE 1960? MENU on the WALL... so convenientSame look as I remember back in the high school days.The ever famous Balbi's PALABOKHave to post a second picture of my favorite. Got to have one of each.... Cheeseroll, Ensaimada & Cheese Pimiento Sandwich and I ate it all. Yes, finally after more than 2 years of wait. Limited selectionI ordered extra Palabok, Ensaimada, Cheeseroll, Dinuguan and Garlic Bread to go but totally forgot to take pictures of the Dinuguan and the Garlic Bread. It was too good for me to stop and look so instead I ate it all.


  1. YUM!!!!!!!! first time ko kadto last feb, Cil!! imagine!!!

  2. tuod ka Nat?? ako ya since high school pa kay dira kami ga bowling hehehe namit gid ya. subong nasa suffer ako asta pictures nalang ahay

  3. Nami dagon-dagon after eating all of these foods to burn the calories!

  4. im sure balbi's would pop up soon.and same orders duringm y kay CECILLE ko kag kay INDAY H ko nabal an ang Balbis. yet to try their dinuguan though

  5. Lee indi lang dagon dagon, asta tumbo tumbo gin ubra ko para to make room for the nxt meal hahaha

    Jorp malipatan ko lang ang tanan hindi lang ang Balbis. try mo gid ila dinuguan tapos dala ka puto para sampat kay ambot kun my put cla nabaligya ah



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