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Cooked Medium Well

The hubby does not want any blood of his food. (aside from dinuguan) It will take time I know and before you know it he will request his steak cooked medium. Also this is the only steak he likes because it has a lot of fat, so soft and tasty.

According to About.Com:
Barbecues and Grilling a medium well steak should have a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak. The surface should be a dark brown with good charring on the top and bottom. This steak will be very stiff but still have a little squish in the middle.
Grill this steak over a high heat for one minute per side then move to a medium heat for 5 to 6 additional minutes per side (depending on your grill).
This is the steak for the squeamish who don't want color in their meat. If you can sneak this one in for someone ordering Well you will be doing both of you a favorRib Eye Steak perfectly grilled medium well with a side of corn in a cub and some greens for dinner.


  1. Namit guid man kung gadugo-dugo diutay kay masaboran mo ang steak. That's how I enjoy my steak. Medium is not bad, pero pag-well done, flavor goes out of the window. Anyways, that's only my opinion.

  2. Lee same here... as flavor bala ara gid. Kapin pa kung isud an sa steamrice hehehe