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Kapit Bahay

Located at 615 N. Euclid Avenue in Anaheim, CA 92801
(Corner of Euclid & Crescent near DISNEYLAND)

My first stop, assorted sweetsSpiced Vinegar to PandelecheBread get delivered on SaturdayCheck out the Turo-Turo options.From Nido, Milo, Coco Jam to Paboritahubby ordered pata over riceFried galunggong and eggs for me

Las Vegas Kapit Bahay Branch


  1. omg can you advice them to open one in tampa florida?!

  2. Daph I can't beleive their is no pinoy restaurant in Florida? Maybe not in your neighborhood. I know a lot of Pinoy population in Florida but not in Tampa?

  3. lucky filipino's which based in america, while us here in europe we doesn't have those kind of filipino store which such abundant assortments, i hope we have like that in the future to compensate our homesickness