Magnolia Ice Cream

We were at our local Asian Store (Ranch 99) yesterday to get our fruits for the week then theres this Pinay handed us little cups filled with Magnolia Ice Cream samples. How could we say no.. so we end up trying all the flavors. In return we bought 4 tubs 1.75 qts. of ice cream. $7.99 each/regular price and on sale for $4.99.
1 Mango flavor1 Buko Salad flavorand 2 Mais-Queso, my favorite


  1. thats good it was on sale!
    I bought mine for almost 10 dollars.
    I dnt think I can spend that much again.

  2. I think Magnolia icecream is so way over priced. They should at least be competetive with local icecream brand. Thats the only time we buy Magnolia, only if its on sale. too pricey!

  3. True Cecil! Try Arce Dairy or Selecta brand. They're much firmer than Magnolia. I think they are of the same price range. Unfortunately!

  4. we pay for the import-tarrif. baskin robbins nalang ko gani..or mag sale ang haagen daz, bakal 1 or 2

  5. Lee, I checked but Arce Dairy brand is not available. Thats one thing we noticed in Magnolia Icecream, too fluffy like mostly made with cream. I have to try Selecta.

    Nat, you know this Magnolia Icecream are made locally in Pittsburg, CA so why over priced?

  6. ay, tuod, Cil--dasya-on sila no??

  7. Nat that is the question pero ila rason ang fruits halin pa kuno sa Pinas, i doubt it!



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