Natie's Trip to China Town

Here are some of Natie's pictures taken during her July 3rd trip to China Town in Toronto, Ontario. It reminds me of the fruit stand located behind SM Delgado in Iloilo City.
DurianRambutan, Mangosteen, Bananas, etc.Too many to choose from.....AtisLanzones(?), Santol, Babana and MangosteenMangoes and more MangoesDried Fish
Dried Shrimp

Thank you my dear Natie for allowing me to share the pictures of your rescent trip. This gave me a reason to consider visiting Toronto soon. All this are worth a trip.


  1. I want some santol, please.....

  2. ATIS?
    I love that, I remember eating that when I was little!

  3. Cecil, na-homesick ka ano? Sa Toronto, Ontario nagkadto si Natie!About an hour drive from our place.

  4. Lee grabe effect sang mga pictures ni Nat... daw malupad ako dira alang alang hehehe
    Ay sus sala basa ko, thanks for the correction na edit ko na.

  5. Cecil, daw mati ko makadto ka diri next summer sa Canada! Preparahe guid ah! SUMMER 2010 bala...

  6. Lee amo na tani plano ko but then plano ko lang. Daw indi interested ang bana. I am trying to encourage the (again) or Canada...both hindi type. Te mayo na bala lol



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