Pinoy Fiesta - Anaheim, CA

Saturday is (usually) my day off from cooking. Not that I just sit around and do nothing. This is the day were I do all my errands like washing clothes first thing in the morning (w/ the help of hubby who actually do the laundry and I do the folding), cleaning and grocery shopping (aside from my favorite kind of shopping, Macy's and all my favorite store in the mall had a huge sale today but that's a different topic).We are lucky and grateful we have a Filipino restaurant here in Anaheim and just right around the corner where we live. Actually two Filipino restaurant maybe 5 minutes or less from each other.
Instead of slaving myself in the kitchen in a Saturday we still could have good Filipino food for dinner.
Who would not love this assortment of kakanin? They make it fresh in there kitchen and the breads, I think it get delivered to them.Some of the choices...lumpia, chicharon, daing, etc.This I really like. My usual order, Crispy Pork Sisig.Daing! Fish split in the middle, marinated and fried... sweet! With spiced vinegar for dipping. Now all I have to make is rice then dinner is ready.

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