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Tilapia with Tausi

Preparing and cooking the fish:
Dip fish fillet in egg then flour mixed with cornstarch and fry using olive oil in medium heat.I was advised to watch my cholesterol so I gave this egg beaters a try. The taste is not bad at all. Made with real eggs. It says 0 g. fat and 0 mg. cholesterol per serving. Cooking the sauce:
Saute garlic, onion and 1 can black bean sauce. Add 1 cup of water, simmer black beans till soft. Add a spoon of sugar and a dash of ground pepper. Simmer a little bit more. Pour black bean sauce over fried fish fillet and serve with steam rice.


  1. Wow, Cecil, it's been a while now since I tasted this dish. Imagine ko namit tausio!

  2. yum!! is there low-salt tausio??? hehehe

  3. Lee kapin pa fillet ang fish gamiton mas enjoyable gid.

    Nat we wish. ka sad gid gani kay daw waay kita lisuan. kung hindi cholesterol, salt then kung hindi salt, sugar naman.

  4. i will try this. galing ngaa isa gid ka lata sang black beans. that would be too salty.

  5. Chiq, depende mana sa kadamuon sang imo nga fish, if I am not mistaken I used 2 lbs fish fillet. ikaw nalang bulubanta ah. Kag dont forget to add some sugar while simmering the tausi sauce. that will reduce the saltness.