Mabuhay Bakery - Anaheim, CA

While driving around looking for a new restaurant to eat I missed the street address so I made a U turn then I saw a sign, Mabuhay Bakery. I told myself that has to be a Filipino Bakery and I am right, a Filipino Bakery in La Palma, Anaheim, CA. How I wish I had my camera with me. Located at:
2620 W La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801
tel # (714) 828-4947The minute I parked my car this huge sign caught my attention. I looked at the watch and it's 10 minutes pass 3 pm. Yeheey!
When I walked in the bakery I was kind of dissapointed that the shelves are not well stocked. The lady owner I think read my mind that she told me right away that I should come in the morning because they have more bake goodies. Really, it's okey because I could see that they do have a wide selection of freshly baked breads and sweets. That's what matter the most and the taste.
Here are some of what they have to offer:
Steamed Pork or Chicken Siopao
Baked Chicken or Pork Siopao and Chicken Empana
Cream Cheese Roll, my new favorite
They also have a good selection of kakanin from merengue, kutsinta, sapin-sapin and puto.
The lady owner nicely interrupted me and asked "Mind if I ask why you taking picture?" I turned my sweet smile and said "I hope it's okay with you, I do have a food blog and with luck you might pick up more business? She said "Oh no, go ahead. I would love that. Free promotion!" That just cracked me Filipino.. Freebies!
While driving home I can't resist the smell and started munching on the hot pandesal I bought.Pianono, puto and mamon was my dinner today.
I love breads and sweets and for sure I did not regret spending $20.- worth of breads. This won't be my last trip to Mabuhay Bakery.

Oh yeah, according to the lady owner Mabuhay Bakery has been in that location for 7 years. Seven years? I have been living for 11 years less than 10 minutes away and first time I saw this place.

I took a lot of pictures but only few turned out okay to post. Next time!
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