Phil-American Friendship Day

Filipino-American Friendship Day was first celebrated on July 4, 1963. Before this date, the Filipino people celebrated July 4 since 1946 as Philippine Independence Day. This was the day in 1946 when United States President Harry S. Truman proclaimed United States withdrawal, surrendering all rights of possession, supervision, jurisdiction, and control of sovereignty, and recognizing the independence of the Philippines. <--click article.="" for="" here="" of="" rest="" span="" the="">

Saturday was a busy day. Woke up at 6 am to finish my laundry then off to the grocery store to get fresh meat and veggies for my 4th of July menu. Menu was roast beef, pork ribs bbq, boiled sweet white corn and baked potato w/ sour cream, chives and butter. Got home around 8 am. and decided to read the latest Pinoy news/gossip in the web when I crossed this article..... Filipino-American Friendship Day.
Being a Pinay that I am, menu was changed. Pinoy food for brunch and American Bbq ribs for dinner. The roast beef turned into a home made tapa. A separate post to follow on how to make home made Beef Tapa.

For Brunch (breakfast/lunch)
Beef Tapa, Purefoods Hot Dog, Eggs cooked sunny side up with atchara from Goldilocks and slices of tomato on the side
and Garlic Fried Rice for Brunch.

And for dinner.....
Pork Barbeque RibsBaked Potato with butter, chives and sour cream.
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