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Perri Todd's, Iloilo City

Finally, a visit to Perri Todd's All American Grilled Burger in Jaro, Iloilo City.
Check out Perri Todd's short but sweet menu.
Grilled (Gigantic) Burger with Cheese and Bacon
Grilled (Gigantic) Burger with Cheese and Mushroom
Todd's Potato (good for 3)
Victoria Lei got a medal so another excuse to eat out. Check out the size of the Hamburger. One hamburger is good for at least 3 people. We ordered 3 Hamburgers (two with cheese and bacon and one with cheese and mushroom), 2 Todd's Potato and a tower of ice tea. All for P670.00. What a deal!

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  1. Todd's potato is the best! their onion rings are nice too.

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