Bourbon Street, Iloilo City

Lunch and Meet with and

It was indeed a great lunch. Not only the food but specially the company. Having lunch with fellow bloggers is like kids in a candy store. The more photo opportunity the more happy we get.

I could really say... this is the best tasting ribs served in the City of Iloilo. Not only the ribs but also the sauce. Blogging this ribs makes me more hungry.

Moist and Juicy Chicken Strips with tasty dipping sauce.

Squid Rings, cooked perfectly. I ordered mine fried quick and not too brown.

Chicken Wings, reminds me of TGIF Restaurant. Oh la la!

With the famous bloggers of Flavours of Iloilo and Byahilo.
Bourbon Street Restaurant located at Smallville, Diversion Road, Iloilo City.

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