Best Traditional Filipino Christmas Food

Here are the Filipino Christmas Recipes usually served during the Filipino Noche Buena Feast. Feel free to suggest more recipes for more o...


An Afternoon Snacks

Here are some street food I enjoyed during my last Iloilo City. I don't even have to go to the city to get some of this. We have this young boy that goes around the village every afternoon in his bicycle with a side cart selling all kind of Tempura. He fries it as you order.

Fish Balls in Spicy Sweet Sauce

Tokneneng, made by deep-frying orange batter covered hard-boiled eggs.
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a popular variation of Tokneneng is Kwek-Kwek. The main difference between the two lies in the egg that is used. Tokneneng is traditionally made with chicken or duck eggs, while Kwek-kwek is made with quail eggs or "itlog ng pugo". Due to their similarities, the two are often confused with some people calling Tokneneng "kwek kwek" and vice versa. Tokneneng is usually served with a spiced vinegar-based dip.
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