Magnum Ice Cream Bars

I have been seeing friends and family from Philippines and here in the US posting pictures and talking highly about Magnum Ice Cream Bars so I drove to Walmart and there it is.I bought a box of Mini Almond and it is truly mouth watering and super delicious! What surprised me the most is it's only 160 calories per mini bar. I am getting me the white chocolate next trip to the store.
According to their website, launched in 1989, Magnum was the first handheld ice cream targeted as a premium ice cream for adults. Today, Magnum is one of the world's ice cream brands, selling one billion units annually worldwide and it is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams. Magnum gourmet ice cream bars are made from the finest ingredients, silky ice cream dipped in thick Belgian chocolate. They can include such delicious layers as caramel sauce and a rich chocolatey sauce.

Magnum comes in Double Caramel, Double Chocolate, Classic Almond, White, Dark, Mint, Mochaccino, Mini Classic and Mini Almond flavors.

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