Best Traditional Filipino Christmas Food

Here are the Filipino Christmas Recipes usually served during the Filipino Noche Buena Feast. Feel free to suggest more recipes for more o...


Sinigang na Baka

Sour Soup Beef and Veggies
3-4 lbs beef with bones
1 medium size green papaya, clean and cut
1 lb baby bokchoy (petchay)
1 stem lemon grass, cut into 4 pieces
1 medium size onion, quartered
2 pieces tomato,
1 pack knorr tamarind sinigang mix
salt and ground pepper to taste
Cooking Direction:
Boil beef for 20 minutes using a pressure cooker.
Transfer boiled beef in a big pot, add slices of onion, lemon grass and tomatoes. Add more water and continue boiling till beef is fully tender.
Add slices of green papaya and simmer for few minutes or till cooked half way.
Season with sinigang mix, ground pepper and salt (if desired). Simmer for few minutes.
Add baby bokchoy, simmer for few minutes more. Remove pot from heat and serve.
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