PJ Aranador Wawa Heritage, Iloilo City

This was a sudden food trip during my last visit to Iloilo City. Ambiance was great but some of the food still needs a lot of improvement but still worth a try.

 I could really taste the fresh guyabano fruit from this shake.

 Squid Rings from Estancia so good

 Beef Steak aka Bistek served over rice

 This one was a hit -  Fried Dilis and Spicy Vinegar

 This I did not really like, I should know better not to order a Seafood Batchoy in the land of Original Lapaz Batchoy

 I think this is Oyster Adobo

 Some of the selection

 Lechon Kawali

 Fried Boneless Bangus

 Ensaladang Puso nang Saging was good too

 Mango Shake - yummy!

 Guyabano Lemoncito Drink - the best!

 Pancit Molo - they can do better

 Pork Sisig

My favorite of all, Pork Binagoongan and Mixed Vegetables Atchara

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