Valerio's Bake Shop in Anaheim, CA

A place that reminds me of growing up in the Philippines where your mother send you early morning to buy a bag of hot pandesal from the corner bakery. 
Valerio's Bakery offers wide selection of baked goods and pastries. Somedays they sell  Filipino dishes like dinuguan, steamed stuffed bangus and binagoongan. 

First thing you see upon entering the store is this table filled with kakanin like garlic peanut, kutsinta, suman, puto, etc. 

Rotating warmer filled with chicken empanada, bibingka galapong, tamales and suman cassava. 
Also few of the baked good they offer are ube ensaymada, spanish bread and pandesal. 

Oh the wall filled with cheese pimiento, pandesal, pandeleche, hopia, mamon and so on. 

My favorite area where they have turon, ukoy, banana cue, kamote que, karioka and many more. 

Valerio's Bake Shop
649 N Eucl7d St. Anaheim, CA 92801
Tel # 714 254 0188

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