ala Lunas Arroz Caldo ni Q

Recipes and pictures compliments of my brother in law Q Longno. He also likes to take pictures of the food he cooks so I asked my sister for the recipe so I could post it to share.

This one is Q's specialty. They live in New Jersey and it gets really cold there. This one is Q's comfort food specially during winter. Also this recipe is based on Luna's Arroz Caldo n Iloilo. Recipe ni Q;
1. Saute chicken with ginger, garlic and onion.
2. Add water then add rice upon boiling. When chicken is tender remove from pot.
3. Cook rice. Make sure rice is very tender also.
4. Add Rufina patis, turmeric powder.
5. When rice is done add cooked chicken. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Sprinkle fried garlic and scalions. You could also add boiled egg.

Pretty easy recipe right? Thank's Q....looking forward for more of your recipe.

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