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Bread Pudding

You have to try this one, bread pudding with young coconut and grated cheese.
Slice left over bread in cubes, spread on a baking pan and bake in 350f. for 30 minutes. Set the oven for 350f. On the mixing bowl, mix a can of evaporated milk, a can of condensed milk, a stick of butter, 6 pcs. eggs, vanilla. Fold baked bread on the mixture while adding the grated cheese and the young shredded coconut. Pour mixture in a baking pan or a pyrex and bake for 45 minutes. Best when serve warm or cold.


    i cant wait to try this really is yummy as it looks and based on the ingredients thanks namit gid

  2. jorp very yummy gid i guess bacause of the cheese. pirme lang ambi damo sobra nga bread so i save it in the freezer then pagdamo na puwede na pang pudding.

  3. i'll be using a whole loaf bread cguro for this project.
    thanks gid. ginagutom ako just looking at your pics even at 3 in the morning lol



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