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Pata ni Q

Another specialty ni Q. Looks so yummy! For sure I will be cooking this next week or better yet tomorrow.
Recipe ni Q...
1. Boil pata with water. Drain 1st boil then continue boiling.
2. Add garlic,onions, salt and black pepper. Add atchuete.
3. When the pata is half way tender add sinigang mix/tamarind mix. Batwan is best.
4. Add tanglad and hot pepper.
5. Boil meat till its very tender and add bokchoy leaves.
6. Season with salt, soysauce to taste.

According to Q you could buy pata from the mexican grocery store for cheaper price. They call it Pata De Res. You could substitute oxtail or cows feet. Your choice. Give it a try! Pakaldo na!


  1. wow, mayo gid ni sila sa tugnaw!! diin sila sa Jersey, 'cil??

  2. Hello Nat long time no hear...Welcome back Sis!
    bay i lang I will ask my sis. lipat nako abi.

  3. WOW! i lvoe pata. esp that sour and sticky one bisan panit lang.incicdentally i had a bowl of pata myself from biscocho haus of all places LOL it was very good! in fact i had 3 rice for that sabaw pa lang ulam na! worth na sya for PhP55.



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