Batchoy ni Q

Another specialty of my brother in law, Q Longno....Looks really good! I bet taste yummy too! This is one of the Ilonggo Recipe we could be proud of.
Pakaldo nata!
Bone marrow, pork liver, pork, chicharon, garlic, onion, scalions, vetsin (optional), salt, pepper, noodles you desire,

Boil pork and liver on a separate pot. Slice thin. Set aside.
Boil noodles and drain.
Fry chopped garlic till golden brown, set aside.
Slice scallion thin, set aside.

For the soup, boil bone marrow with onions, beef buillon, little brown sugar, ground black pepper and salt and taste. Also if you prefer you could dilute shrimp paste with water, strain and add the juice to the soup while boiling.

Arrange cooked noddles on a bowl, add the sliced pork and liver. Add soup to it then garnish with crushed chicaron, browned garlic and thin slices of scalions.... Now you have Ilonggo Batchoy ala Q!

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