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Pata Recipe

I followed my brother in law Q's recipe step by step and it turned out really good. The soup is so thick even after I got rid not only the first but also the second boil.
I made it a bit more spicy by adding couple of jalopeno. Almost forgot to post the best part "the boiling Kaldo"
Recipe ni Q...
1. Boil pata with water. Drain 1st boil then continue boiling.
2. Add garlic,onions, salt and black pepper. Add atchuete.
3. When the pata is half way tender add sinigang mix/tamarind mix. Batwan is best.
4. Add tanglad and hot pepper.
5. Boil meat till its very tender and add bokchoy leaves.
6. Season with salt, soysauce to taste.

I got the Pata from the asian store. I asked the mexican butcher if they have Pata de Res and they do. Cows feet but Pata de Res in spanish.


  1. ABAW!!! daw ka namit GID! i introduced your site to my co-worket, charlene. she is from dumangas...gin copy ya na imo website-address...grabe gid iya admire sang imo mga food!

  2. Thanks gid Nat! I am still trying to improve ang picture taking.

    Nat tuod kanamit gid man gali if you use the Pata de Res. Grabe ang sabor ya. I hope my batuan di or libas mas grabe pa gid guro sabor ya hehehe pero sa tuod lang daw nag pitik pitik tangkugo ko after 2 serving. Buwas salad lang lunch ko ah bawi bawi. hehehe

  3. Kuha man hidlaw tah... Salamat sa post😍😍😍

  4. Friend ko every special occasion ga luto sini, its always a hit! Best seller s iya kusina, maski summer kid-a ga luto sya tagiti man balbas namun ka higop



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