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Pork Dinuguan Recipe

Dinuguan Recipe


3 lbs. pork belly
6 cups pork blood
5 cloves garlic, minced
2 thumb size ginger, minced
1 large onion, chopped
2 stem lemon grass, cut into 3
3 chili peppers
3 tbsp sinigang mix
3 bay leaves
2 tbsp cooking oil
sugar, salt and pepper to taste


Cut pork into small cubes, saute garlic, ginger, onions, pork and lemongrass till the pork turn brown on the edges.

Add the sinigang mix and chili peppers.

Pour enough water to cover and bring to boil until the pork is very tender.

Season with sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

When the pork is tender and the liquid has evaporated pour the blood and bring to boil.

Cover over medium heat, stirring for about 10 minutes.

Serve with puto. This puto I bought from the Chinese store.

The left over I placed it in a ziploc bag and freeze for next time.


  1. Cecil! May puto pa on the side, WOW! Did it taste good even 50% less fat?

  2. Lee this one is 100% fat included. gusto ko gid ya may tambok and panit nga pork belly pag dinuguan. I tried a while ago dinuguan nga chicken. okey man pero mas namit pag mamoy hehehe
    Have you tried puto sang chinese? namit kay matulutam is nga mapilit pilit hehehe

  3. kinanglan man gid may tambok bisan diutay lang--i don't know what can replace the rich taste of fat..but not too much kay indi naman nami tan-awon

  4. Cil, ato na si Lee naga photo-blog na sang iya food-trip...akon bala mag sakit tyan!

  5. Nat huo gani I visited his site after reading your comment. Sa kanamit gid ya. Grabe food trip ni Lee and Jorp.

  6. Natie & Cecil, halong gid ko ya, bisan ano pa kanamit kong suspetsa ako gani, tun-lon ko na lang laway ko...hahaha! Ti abi makita mo ang adubo nga peripilya, freah sisi kag iban pa! With the thought nga we used to eat those foods before without worry..karon duha-duha ka gid. I hate the thought!

  7. Lee amo na ang masakit ky amo na ang mga manamit. Kapin pa ang mga bbq sa kilid kilid yummmm!!!! also ang sugba nga mais.

  8. just be careful, Lee--kasabad gid kon mag hapit ka sa Hospital pila ka adlaw..sayang ang bakasyon.

  9. Si Eric D of Byahilo, an Ilonggo but stationed in Manila, got sick badly in Makati Med after his food bindging with Marcos C. and Jorp just 2 wks. ago! He picked up a bug from foods he ate here in Iloilo. He suspected that he got it from water he drank at McDo or from oyster. He was SEVERELY dehydrated that he's kidneys almost failed. Ti scary gid!!!!
    Thanks Natie for the reminder!

  10. Nat, Lee, ka scary man no specially we dont really know how they prepare the food kapin pa uso sa aton ang mag recycle sang food.



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