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Sinarabasab Recipe, a native Ilocano dish of grilled or fried pork liempo served with bagoong, tomato, and onion relish.
2 lbs. pork belly with (liempo) cut 2 inches
1/2 pack sinigang mix
1 tablespoon sugar
Mix the sinigang mix and sugar. Rub the meat on the mixture. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Heat the frying pan (I used ironcast pan) on low heat. Fry the meat till fully cooked. Cut the meat in bite sizes.

Side dish:
2 pcs. large tomato (sliced cubes)
1 med. white onion (sliced cubes)
2 tablespoon bagoong
Mix all ingredients and serve with the meat.

This one is a killer. I meant a killer (pork belly+bagoong=cholesterol) The sinigang and sugar mixture gives the meat a really good taste. I saw and got this dish from a website but can't remember.


  1. ini ya,'cil, bag-o ko lang na batian ang ngalan. i may have cooked it before, pro palagpat..ok lang ni kon talagsa lang guro..

  2. same here Nat, namitan ko na nga side dish. Nabasahan ko ning recipe somewhere so I guess my ngalan ni nga recipe hehehe

  3. Same here, too! Daw sa kadamo nga mga bag-o nga recipe names but actually we tasted them before. It's like in music, they do "re-mix", in this case, "re-name". The name sounds weird to me!

  4. namit namit! grilled pork tapos may bagoong pa.yum yum

  5. Lee I got that recipe sa Its an Ilocano dish. Pero sa kanamit match gid sa ginamos n onion sa bagoong. Ubos gid sang family dayon.

  6. Jorp korek ka gid. We all forgot to use our fork hahaha



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