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Ginisang Sitaw and Kalabasa

One good thing about Filipino cooking is if you don't eat pork meat you could always substitute it with chicken or shrimp. Healthier and still taste good.

Simple cooking direction:

Saute 3 cloves garlic, 1 small onion and 1/4 lb thin slices of pork till the pork is golden brown.

Add 1/4 lb peeled shrimp, 3 cups cubed squash (kalabasa), 1 bunch long beans (sitaw).

Stir for few minutes then add 1/2 cup of water, salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer for few minutes and the dish is ready to serve.

Cooked from left over squash and long beans from last week menu that I don't want to go to waste so I got creative and it turned out really good.


  1. cil, naka bisita man gid ko di ba...budlay man mag pungko sa computer when ur on vacation...u know how time-consuming it is...indi ka understand ang mga relatives how much we love our computers

    anyway, we went to Uncle Toms resto for lunch kahapon...may nag abot nga Quimsing nga kilala sang akon bebot quimsing kuno, who is from baluarte and owns farm mart---daw ka-itsura gid ni mister quimsing nimo ang iya family nga upod...they have to be relatives of yours!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Nat, yes 1st cuzin ni banahon.
    Ay amo gid, daw kulang adlaw ko kung di ako ka computer aahaha
    Te naayawan kana da lagaw? wen u mapuli di?

  3. 25th pa, 'cil...di ta anay manumdum sina..namit di ang laswa, 'cil..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Natie, sige lang PA-AYAW AYAW KA GID para pagpauli mo di sa north america, mamingaw ka gid! Hehehe! Just like what happened to me. But I totally recovered NOW. Dugay gid bago-o mauli-an!

  6. Nat...Lee....thats the same feeling I hated the most. Specially on the last day where every one is taking you to the airport. If only possible I rather go to the airport by myself rather than seing them waving goodbye with tears :( but then once were back here we get over soon cuz we have to the face the reality, vacation is over so time to pay the bills.

  7. namit gid man ang siatw and kalabasa taposk on mag alugbati pa LOL

    anyway, abaw si NAT naka kadto na gali sa UNCLE TOMS namit ila nga fried chicken di ba? tapos ang tupad nya dira namit ang ila pizza. namitan gid kami ni LEE kag MARC

    karelate man ako sa pag dul ong sa airport nga ina esp sang una nga ara pa ako sa manila. syempre si EJ gid ang todo hibi. hehehe

  8. Jorp namit gid tani pero waay d alugbati... last time I saw some in the grocery store sus ka very big gid kululbaan.
    Ka very close gid sa imo ky EJ no. that s cute.

    Nat te approve kaman sang flavor sang Uncle Toms chicken?

  9. why red un sauce po? looks yummy try ko din to. ty

  10. Hi Jacque, the sauce turned reddish because of the shrimp taba from the head. I removed the shell. Try it its really good. Thanks for your comment.



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