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Sinugba Baboy

Meat marinade:

2 lbs. pork belly cut 2 inches thick

1 pack (20 grams) sinigang powder mix

1 tbsp sugar

Marinate for at least 30 minutes.

Grill in medium heat and cut in serving size.

Side dish:

Mix 3 pcs. tomato (cut cubes) and 1 med. onion (cut cubes) with 1 tsp bagoong as a side dish.

This recipe I got online called Sinarabasab, a native Ilokano dish. This is the 2nd time I prepared this dish but the first one was slow fried on an cast iron skillet.

It turned out so good and worth the try. I really like the taste of the meat marinated with sinigang mix and sugar then having the tomato relish on the side is an extra treat.

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