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Thank you my friends!

Thank you Jorp and Amy for this special Iloilo edition Food Magazine.
Thank you Nat for carrying this all the way from the Philippines and sending it to me.
Thank you Lee for being part of this!
Thank you my dear blogger friends!
I am so excited! This is the most special gift I ever recieved this year. I owe you one guys!


  1. oh, my!! special acknowledgement gid!! u r most welcome, 'cil--late pa gani ang mailing sina..

    isn't that a great issue??

  2. Better late than never! Lipay-lipay guid si Inday Cecil bah!

    wow what a surprise.
    just one way of showing our (inday hami and I) gratitude to the 3 of you.
    may PRICE pa hehehehe
    a little more than a dollar hehehe

  4. Ay very excited gid ko sang food mag touch mga upod ko d hehehe cling ko very special gid ni ya kay special effort and team work pa para lang makalab ot sakon.

    Jorp its not the's the thoughts!

    Thank's to all again!

  5. yup its the thought tht counts
    dali na lang and all your thoughts will be turned into gastronomical hehehe



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