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Afrique's Lunch with Flavors of Iloilo

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

EB with Jorp of Flavors of Iloilo. Afrique's first branch, Macavinta Mansion along General Hughes.
We were going to meet with other bloggers at Breakthrough but with lack of plan and communication my niece and I met up with Jorp at Afrique's w/c I prefer anyway. I was already at Breakthrough the day before with the family.
We shared Afrique's Special Pizza Anchovie Pasta for Jorpmy regular order, Creamy CarbonaraSicilian Pasta for my niecegreat company over great lunchIt was indeed a great lunch with Jorp of Flavors of Iloilo. I sure know it won't be the last.

Thank's Jorp for being a good host and being a friend. I know the "North American Triad" Natie of New Jersey, Lee of Canada ( and yours truly of California felt the same after meeting you. Thank's also for the pictures.

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  1. Teh, Cecil, na meet mo face-to-face si JorP finally... remember in my previous posts, guina coveran ko iya guya...hehehe! He's a great dude and an awesome host at best!

  2. Lee I agree with you a 100%. Really nice guy gid ya and very accomodating pa.



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