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Boracay Island

Boracay visit, May 2009

Places to eat, drink and be merry in Boracay

Tan's Guest House Breakfast Buffet...part of the package I got for 2 nights/3 days stay plus welcome drinks.

Steak House Boracay

yummy drinks
Steak DinnerChicken Salad
and for dessert...Taho Model???Juice Bar
We also got some Bilong-Bilong and Chicken Wings from the market for dinner.


    have you tried the famous BANANA-PEANUT shake in boracay? JONAH'S bala ang resto hehehe

  2. oh, that juice bar is El Centro's!! that's where we always stay!! hidlaw man ko ba...

    the taho model is indeed lovely..tahum legs!!

  3. oh, how was the steak--general opinion is that there's no steak like US steak????

  4. Jorp u know I totally forgot about Jonah's fruit stand. Bati ko tuod namit gd ila shake. Sige lang nxt time naman ah hehe

    Nat dali naman imo na naman bakasyon, kampyon pa gd kung dungan kamo ni Lee...ako gdna mahisa. Ang steak nila daw indi steak ah daw reglar beef lang bala. The best gd ya gyapon ang steak ta diri. Bisan waay na seasoning namit kapin pa i grill. Mahal na TF sang model sang taho hehehe

  5. Not surprise of your feedback, Cecil, about the taste of steak there! 3 out of 3, pareho aton observation. Guro tungod sang klase ang baka kag kon ano guina kaon sang baka will influence the taste.
    Pero ang bilong-bilong namit guid na pinamalhan, sinabawan, paksiw or binuro.

  6. Lee amo na ang nalipatan ko kaunon ang binuro nga bilong-bilong... sa liwat ah

  7. hahah, taho model.. masarap ba mga food sa Jonah's restaurant??

    Tanya Gemarin

  8. Hi Tanya,
    Sorry did not get a chance to try Jonah's. That will be next visit to Boracay :)



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