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Chorizo aka Longanisa

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

While I was at the Central Market I was asking around looking for the Langonisa brand that I know...made by the Supremo family then I was told they no longer sell it and I should give this brand a try. How I wish I could remember the brand name but I just can't. My bad for not writing notes.


  1. Namit ya aton chorizo compared to other regions of Pinas. Vigan longganisa is close to ilonggo's.

  2. Lee kanamit gid ya. Daw indi ako maayawan mo. Guro naka 4 ako sini nga chorizo.

  3. kon pabay-an lang, maybe half a dozen, ma ubos ko gid...the taste is just right...and the spices nga ma dumduman ta sang bata pa kita..

  4. hahahahah cholesterol attack.
    vigan =iloilo?
    i though vigan is garlicky? and iloilo is just sweet and full of fats hehehe.
    i like preparing chorizo via microwave oven then after it had "burst", i'd pour vinegar yum yum yum.
    nagalaway ako now LOL.
    though mostly sa grocery kami nagabakal CARES IYA NGA BRAND

  5. ay ambot ah daw nahidlaw na gid ang chorizo naton sa Iloilo a, ang diri ambi ka ordinaryo gid ang sabor unless I make my own naman.



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