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Magic Wok - Artesia, CA

Not to confused with the Chinese Restaurant chain this place serves great Filipino food. A sit down restaurant with great selection of home-style cooking and cooked as you order with prices so low. Nothing could beat that.
If you are planning to eat here make sure to come early like 10:30 am. or call in your order ahead of time or suffer the consequence and prepare tp wait. It does take time preparing a good meal you know.

Simply yet homey atmosphere. Wall is decorated with what else but wooden kalesa, wooden bahay kubo and Filipino art frames. As we say "native ang decors".My sago and gulaman. Cooked to prefection. Arnibal sweetness just right and the sago and gulaman perfect for my tastebud.A must to order... Magic Wok famous insanely Crispy Pata. To die for.... yes I am serious to die for. Cooked so perfect. First boiled in some secret seasoning. Deep fried and served golden crispy from the outside and super moist in the inside. Served with lechon sauce and spiced vinegar on the side. Cardiologist worst nightmare. Cholesterol problem? Skip this dish. Order a veggie dish instead. Back to my order Crispy Pata, just looking at this order the moment our waitress lay this on our table I could feel my chest tightens and my arteries clogging. Ayayay!
Sotanghon Guisado perfect match for the Crispy Pata. No rice for me this time.

My Vote: Best Filipino food in SolCal.

Located at:
11869 Artesia Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701-4002
(562) 865-7340
Mon-Sun. 11:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m


  1. Cecil, daw nami ni sya nga resto haw! Is Artesia close to LA? Nami iya ambiance!

  2. abi ko sa iloilo pa---namit ang crispy pata!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lee, Artesia is in Cerritos and Cerritos is in LA pero close sa amon diri sa Orange County. Simple gid ang place pero grabe namit ang food. A lot of good reviews.

    Nat how I wish sa Iloilo giyapon. If ever your in town visit mo gid ni. Maybe your daughter already been there. The best gid ila Crispy Pata. It melts in your mouth and not in your hand hehehe

  4. i'll forward this to her, Cil...lapit ni sa Norwalk?---dira sila

  5. Nat close na cla. For sure she already know this place and been there. bantog gid ni sya sa pilipino community diri. bakal gid ya. pirme laba pila for lunch.



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