Fried Cornish Game Hen

It has been a while the last time I cooked Cornish game hen so why not try deep frying.. less fatty and more crispy.Directions:
Rub chicken/hen with enough rock salt and ground pepper inside and out.
Steam for 10 minutes per pound.
After steaming make sure to pat dry the chicken before deep frying or drain it overnight in the fridge.
Deep fry chicken in a wok with at least half of the chicken covered with cooking oil. Fry both side till golden brown.Best to re-fry the chicken before serving for extra crisp.
Best when serve with banana catsup or sweet and sour sauce.


  1. Right on CECIL! Ako man, it's been years since I cooked cornish hen. I remembered I added lots of lemon and ginger to take out the "lansa" of the meat since any wild game has that peculiar strong smell and flavor. But namit sya pag cooked right!

  2. Lee what I did is rub a lot of rock salt first. Tutal steaming removes most of it.
    Namit daw bisaya man nga manok once i double fry. mahunit hunit hehehe


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