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Stuffed Bell Pepper

Hubby requested this one. He said reminds him of back home. Thankfully there is some left over chicken stuffing from the tortang talong recipe so this one turned out easy to make. Directions:
Cut large size bell pepper in the middle. Remove the seeds, rinse and pat dry using a paper towel. Fill bell pepper with stuffing. (for ground chicken stuffing see previous entry) Make sure it is pack and filled. Fry in medium low heat with filling facing the cooking oil first. Fry for few minutes. Now flip and continue frying.
Now you have "rellenong pidada" in Ilonggo.
Give it a try. Really worth the time.


  1. si nanay ya, gina utod ya ang stem so there is a big hole...dira ya gina stuff ang ground meat (or chicken like yours) so it is fried whole---baw, dugay na ko waay ka tilaw sini!! maybe it will also be good baked??

  2. Nat amo na tani ubrahon ko pero medyo madugay lutuon te naga wait na si hubby sang iya sud an hehehe
    Hmmn maybe it could be baked basta i-brushed lang sang olive oil kay for sure ma dry gid ang bellpepper no.



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