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Beans and Pork


3 lbs pork hock

1 small bag red beans

1 bag frozen kamote leaves (sweet potato), defrosted

1 pouch sinigang mix

1 medium onion, sliced thin

salt and ground pepper to taste

Cooking Direction:

Using a big pot cover red beans and pork hock with enough water and bring to boil. 

Continue boiling allowing the pork and beans to cook. 

Add slices of onion and ground pepper. 

Once the pork and beans turns soft season with salt and sinigang mix. 

Simmer for few minutes. 

Lastly add the kamote leaves. Remove from heat and serve.


  1. again, friend?? andam ka lang ha? kay ka tempting gid kaayo--Cil, check ur pinoy stores...damo na di nag abot nga stock sang kadios..nag bakal ko 5 packs. ang isa ko ka friend nga taga dumangas, 12 packs gid bakal ya..talagsa lang ga abot e

  2. Nat that is for hubby, bantay gid ako sang cholesterol. thanks for the concern.
    Tuod damo nada kadios? Diri daw waay pako kakita. I will keep an eye. Thanks for the info.

  3. WOW may kadyos invasion na gali da.its time for KBL party hehehe

    though bisan beans and pork namit gid

  4. Too late of a news for me kay cancelled totally na guid and mga beans sa akon diet, plus no more sardinas. Huhuhu.. pero okay lang, kaysa habok ti-il ko (gout) then suffer for weeks. Pro-active guid ko! Sakit daan mag tikang-tikang! lol!

  5. Jorp pirme lang ko ya dispuniring. Kapoy sagad pangita sang mga original ingredients hehehe madala nalang na sa timplada.

  6. Lee tanan nga namit bawal. Dugay dugay naka baston kana kung hindi ka magpati sa doctor hehehehe

  7. sakit gid kuno inang gout...siguro, daw childbirth??? hahaha...i know 5-6 pinoy friends who has that condition.

    talagsa lang shipment, Jorp--isa pa, indi ka ka carry seeds thru customs...may pina nga sobra ka mahal...


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