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Roasted Turkey Recipe

This this easy yet full of flavor roasted turkey.

All you need is 13 lbs. turkey marinated in fish sauce, garlic powder, black pepper and stuffed with lemon grass for an hour then oven roasted for 4 hours in 375 degrees, 

This turkey turned out really delicious and juicy. It was a hit.


  1. YUM, Miga!! some people don't like turkey but I do!! along with the side dishes--sampat gid ang stuffing, gravy, and the candied yams/candied apples--may dessert ka pa nga pecan pie--abaw!!!!

  2. Nat ako indi man palakaon turkey. bisan indi kami mag kit anay in years hehehe actually the only time I eat turkey is thanksgiving kag kinanlan freshly cooked. I love the side dishes though hehehe



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