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Magic Wok Restaurant - Artesia, CA

My favorite of all Filipino restaurant. Located in Artesia, California. Often mistaken as a Chinese take 0ut chain.
The first time I set foot in this restaurant was I think 15 years ago or more. Home made cooking, home made price. This place is always super busy and the wait is unbearable specially if you are already hungry so if you are planning to visit make sure be there before 11:30 or suffer the consequence.

Always the first to order, Crispy Pata - mouth watering and to die for.
Cooked perfectly. Super moist inside and super crunchy outside.

Lunch/dinner at this restaurant is not complete with out an order of this Crispy Pata.

Pinakbet- assorted veggies stir fried in shrimp and pork and seasoned with bagoong (shrimp paste).

Ampalaya con Karne- bittermelon stir friend with beef and seasoned to perfection. Perfect combination with Crispy Pata.

Mais con Yelo- sweet corn cream style topped with crushed ice, sugar and vanilla icecream for dessert

This restaurant is so Pinoy na Pinoy. From wall paintings to wooden fork and spoon. Aside from the food me and hubby inhaled we also ordered take out, Sisig and Tokwa't Baboy for dinner. That will be a different post.

Magic Wok
11869 Artesia Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 865-7340


  1. ay abaw Cecil ang#1 cholesterolific guid!!! I love the veggies though, kag ang halo-halo-halo nila daw sa Razon's-style. Pagpuli mo, try Razon's sa Manila. Namit!

  2. ay Lee kung matilawan mo lang crispy pata nila sa magic wok indi gid malikaw 2 order of rice hehehe
    namit tanan nila nga food, if i am not mistaken ang ginagamit nila sa tanan nga sauces ang sabaw nga ginlaga an sang pata hahaha sige lang ah talagsa manlang ni. mayo lang kay hulungdon ni nga place.



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