Orochon Ramen in Los Angeles

Me and my family are addicted watching the food channel specially Men v. Food show. One of the episode was done in Los Angeles, CA so we decided to go to take the challenge too...NOT! Just to see the place and taste the famous ramen Adam Richman chowed down.

The menu is pretty basic and simple BUT you have to know what you want to order or suffer the consequence.

Click here for complete menu:

Click here for the Man v. Food Orochon Ramen clip:

Hubby ordered Soy Sauce, Osae-Osae Orochon 6 (mild spicy)

with Cha0-Shu Pork Slice and Egg.

Cyrile ordered Miso Extreme Orochon 2 with Pork

Crischel ordered Miso Non-Spicy Orochon 7 with Pork and Egg

My order was simple, Miso Non-Spicy Orochon 7 with Pork

We got to the restaurant 10 minutes before 11 am. Lucky we got seated right away. The line got so long around 11:30 am.

Located at:
Orochon Ramen
123 Astronaut E. S. Onizuka Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-1766

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