A recipe worth a try.
½ cup Virgin olive Oil
2 tablespoon minced garlic
1 large White Onions
1/2 lb. Chorizo Bilbao
2 lbs. Ox Tripe, boiled and sliced
2 cup Chicken Stock
1 large Potato
1 large Carrots
1 large Bell Pepper
1 tablespoon Sliced Green Olives
3 cup tomato sauce
2 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tall can Pork & Beans
Spanish Paprika, Salt & Pepper
Cooking Direction:
Saute onion and garlic till golden brown using the olive oil. Add the cut ox tripe and chorizo bilbao. After few minutes add the carrots, potatoes and bellpepper. Add the slices of green olives, tomato paste, pork & beans, tomato sauce and the chicken stock. Season with salt, pepper & paprika. Cover and simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and serve.

Breakfast @ Downtown Disney - Anaheim, CA

Today was a hot day so we decided to eat out for breakfast and catch an early movie after. Why too early? The movie ticket cost $6.- before 12 noon, $9.- by noon then $11.- by 4 pm. I think.
Best place to do both is Downtown Disney conveniently located two minutes drive away from home were first three hours of parking is free then $6.00 per hour after. Decision.... decision....
Coffee and Croissant over a book or a magazine?
Too boring!Jambalaya for breakfast?
Hubby said "No way!" Too early for spicy food.Fruits and Juices?
Sorry but I am not into healthy stuff for breakfast. Wetzel's Dog and Frozen Mocha Coffee?
Too early for that. Maybe take out for the movie later.Haagen-Dazs Yogurt or Frozen Hazelnut Smoothie?
Tempting!Naples is not open till 11 am.Jamba Juice is my favorite but still I want real breakfast.
So we decided La Brea Bakery for casual dining
French toast and fresh strawberry with extra side of syrup for me.Bacon, potato, egg and toasted french bread for hubby with extra butter.We choose healthy drinks... fresh orange juice for hubby and strawberry lemonade for me. Cuisine: CaliforniaService
Type: Casual Dining

Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 per person)
*Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Kind of breakfast hubby likes. If only they serve rice then he is set. For more Downtown Disney restaurants click here:

Oh yeah see for more of posting about our day at Downtown Disney in the same location of Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Turo-Turo Gourmet Embutido

One of those fully cooked ready to eat Embutido bought at the Asian market. Gourmet? If you ask me, no way in earth I will buy this again. According to the package I sliced and served but the inside is not fully cooked so I browned it on a skillet hoping it will get better but no changes. Something with the kind of ground pork they used. Or maybe just the one I purchased? Still no more next time.

Pinoy na Pinoy

7th Heaven
What else can you ask for? A perfect match.Simple Pork SinigangGumaa Pinakas from IloiloPork Sinigang cooked with just onion, tomatoes and petchay.

Old Fashion Ice Cream

Old Fashion Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Barquillos from Wewin's.
Lee's posting in his blog, got me thingking of having ice cream too after a big dinner.

Magic Wok - Artesia, CA

Not to confused with the Chinese Restaurant chain this place serves great Filipino food. A sit down restaurant with great selection of home-style cooking and cooked as you order with prices so low. Nothing could beat that.
If you are planning to eat here make sure to come early like 10:30 am. or call in your order ahead of time or suffer the consequence and prepare tp wait. It does take time preparing a good meal you know.

Simply yet homey atmosphere. Wall is decorated with what else but wooden kalesa, wooden bahay kubo and Filipino art frames. As we say "native ang decors".My sago and gulaman. Cooked to prefection. Arnibal sweetness just right and the sago and gulaman perfect for my tastebud.A must to order... Magic Wok famous insanely Crispy Pata. To die for.... yes I am serious to die for. Cooked so perfect. First boiled in some secret seasoning. Deep fried and served golden crispy from the outside and super moist in the inside. Served with lechon sauce and spiced vinegar on the side. Cardiologist worst nightmare. Cholesterol problem? Skip this dish. Order a veggie dish instead. Back to my order Crispy Pata, just looking at this order the moment our waitress lay this on our table I could feel my chest tightens and my arteries clogging. Ayayay!
Sotanghon Guisado perfect match for the Crispy Pata. No rice for me this time.

My Vote: Best Filipino food in SolCal.

Located at:
11869 Artesia Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701-4002
(562) 865-7340
Mon-Sun. 11:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m

Cream Horn

Pavia's Cream Horn

First time I had this Cream Horn. My sister in law insisted I take this with me. She bought this from a restaurant along Pavia Hwy. Home of the original Cream Horn.
It is different. Baked crunchy, flaky, rolled in sugar pastry. Filled with egg custard (yema). I must say this is so addictive and so good.


Pavia's Pinipig Baye-Baye

I almost forgot to get some of this but luckily an old lady was selling homemade baye-baye with pinipig while we were having lunch at Cabugao Seafood's Haus before flying to Manila. No regrets at all. The best I had in years.


Barquillos from Wewin's

Wewin's is my choice when it comes to Barquillos. I prefer the large double rolls but this double rolls given to us is good enough.
Kids loves this but make sure to prepare the dustpan and broom for the crumbs.


"Biscocho Haus" Premium Pinasugbo

Pinasugbo is one of my favorite from Iloilo. I usually buy me a dozen pack just for myself.


"Biscocho Haus" Butterscotch

My choice is Regies brand compare to all the other. I was given few bags but we finished it all before I had a chance to take some pictures. Next time.


"Biscocho Haus" Biscocho is still the best from all the other brand I tasted.


Goldilocks Polboronassorted flavor in a bag


Special Utap from New Bread Corner

Not the usual kind I usually have. This one is double the size of the one they usually sell in the market.

Iloilo Restaurant

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

Restaurant we visited during our 5 weeks Iloilo vacation. No wonder I gained like 5 lbs. or more but now working really hard to get rid of it.
in Aurora Subdivision, Delgado Streetin Molo Arevalo Blvd. also known as Villa BeachDos Marias Pizzeria in General Luna Streetin Diversion Roadin Molo Arevalo Blvd. aka Villa BeachLove and Kisses Pizza located across University of San Agustinin Smallville Complex, Diversion RoadKrua Thai in Smallville Complex, Diversion Roadin Smallville Complex, Diversion Roadold downtown, JM Basa StreetJollibee, across Ted's in Diversion RoadTinapayan in Mary Mart MallChowking in Mary Mart MallPavia HighwaySMCT, 2nd floorDiversion Roadinside St. Elizabeth center in Valeria StreetYulo Streetin JaroMandurriao after Molo bridge

Santa Barbara

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