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Pork Humba Recipe

Pork Humba is a Filipino dish similar to Pork Adobo but sweeter and popular in central part of the Philippines. Pork Humba is a stewed dish that uses all the basic ingredients of Pork Adobo with the addition of tausi (salted black beans), sugar and banana blossoms. 

Biko with Latik Recipe

Here is my sister in-law (Cynthia) version on how to cook a delicious Biko with Latik or Bibingkang Malagkit, also known in Ilonggo as suman. Biko with Latik is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and brown sugar. Biko with Latik is a popular Filipino snack or merienda that is often served during parties and holidays.

Garlic Butter Shrimp

Garlic Butter Shrimp is packed with flavor and makes a perfect weeknight meal. Garlic Butter Shrimp is so quick and easy to make! It is one of those shrimp recipe that you will make over and over again. Easy Garlic Butter Shrimp made with lots of garlic, butter and lemon soda.

Pancit Canton and Bihon

Pancit Canton and Bihon is a delicious noodle dish composed of  two popular version of Filipino noodles which are Pancit Canton and Pancit Bihon. I can actually eat this everyday because it is so good and simple to make.

Pork Menudo Recipe


Pork Menudo is a popular Filipino pork dish that is usually served during parties or most gatherings. A simple Filipino dish that suit any occasion. Create this delicious and easy to follow Pork Menudo recipe and share with family and friends.

Ensaladang Langka

Ensaladang Langka also known as Green Jackfruit Salad is a delicious Filipino vegetable salad with coconut milk. This Ensaladang Langka recipe is so creamy and appetizing. Ensaladang Langka salad is best when served cold as an appetizer or a side dish. So simple and easy to make using basic ingredients. You can also use canned green jackfruit, just make sure to drain it well.

Beef Asado Recipe

Beef Asado is a delicious Filipino dish so rich in flavor due to the slow cooking of the beef with all the ingredients. Beef Asado is one of the common dishes you find in carinderia or on Filipino fast-food chain.

Chicken Pochero

Ilonggo Chicken Pochero is cooked without tomato sauce. It is so tasty, flavorful and just as delicious and nutritious! This Chicken Pochero recipe is the version I grew up in Iloilo City. Packed with delicious vegetables and simmered to perfection.

Chicken Binakol

Chicken Binakol is a Filipino chicken soup dish similar to Tinola. Chicken Binakol is cooked in coconut water with young coconut meat, green papaya and malunggay or chili pepper leaves unlike Chicken Tinola is cooked in water or rice washing.

Lumpiang Togue

Lumpiang Togue also known as Mung Bean Sprouts Spring Rolls is a delicious fried Filipino lumpia. This lumpia recipe is filled with togue or bean sprouts and basic vegetables then fried until golden brown and crisp.
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