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Upo at Sotanghon Soup

Upo at Sotanghon Soup is a delicious soup made with sotanghon noodles, upo, ground pork and shrimp. Substitute ground pork with chicken for a healthier version. Upo at Sotanghon Soup is easy to make and a healthy vegetable soup.

Pinangat na Bangus

Pinangat na Bangus, also called Pangat na Bangus is a traditional dish in the Philippines where fish is stewed in water and souring ingredients. 

Pinangat na Bangus is easy to prepare and very healthy. Pinangat na Bangus is similar to paksiw na bangus and sinigang na bangus but unlike sinigang, pinangat does not have much soup and with paksiw, hardly any soup.

Pancit Bihon Guisado

Pancit Bihon Guisado is a classic Filipino noodle dish that is easy to make using simple ingredients. Pancit Bihon usually consists of noodles cooked in some variations of vegetables, meat, sausage and seafood. Pancit Bihon Guisado or Stir-Fried Rice Stick noodles is a crowd favorite on the Fiesta table and the other one is Pancit Canton

Pancit Bihon is the most common Filipino noodles also known as rice stick noodles and can easily purchase in any Asian store and at Amazon for a reasonable price. Check it out! 

Lechon Kawali

Lechon Kawali is a crispy deep-fried pork belly. The pork belly is boiled in water to ensure that the meat is cooked through and cooled overnight in the refrigerator before deep frying until golden and crispy. 

It is usually accompanied with papaya achara (pickled papaya) and Mang Tomas lechon sauce or home-made spicy vinegar also known as sinamakan in Ilonggo.  

Kinilaw na Hipon (Shrimp Kinilaw)

Shrimp Kinilaw or Kinilaw na Hipon is popular Filipino appetizer also known as "Pulutan". Kinilaw is a method of food preparation which involves cooking in vinegar. Kinilaw na Hipon is the Filipino version of shrimp ceviche, that uses vinegar and kalamansi juice.

Ensaladang Talong (Filipino Eggplant Salad)

Ensaladang Talong is a Filipino vegetable salad made with grilled eggplant, tomato and onions. It is a simple eggplant Filipino salad great as a side dish for grilled or fried fish or meat dishes. This Ensaladang Talong is simple to make and very refreshing. 

Another popular dish Filipinos loves to eat as an appetizer or "pangpagana". The richness of roasted eggplant with a hint of sweetness from onion and tomato plus the saltiness of the salted egg is what you can call a perfect combination.

Ginataang Sitaw with Hipon

Ginataang Sitaw with Hipon is a popular Filipino dish. The sitaw or long beans and shrimp is cooked in coconut milk and other delicious ingredients. Ginataan refers to any Filipino dish cooked in coconut milk. Ginataang Sitaw with Hipon is a stew-like dish cooked in coconut milk commonly served with steamed rice. 

Bell Pepper Relleno (Stuffed Bell Peppers)

Bell Pepper Relleno also known as Rellenong Bell Pepper or Stuffed Bell Pepper is so delicious and a healthy Filipino dish. This rellenong bell pepper reminds me of my late mother in law, how I wish I got her recipe but my husband who is a fan of this dish said, I make it just as good as his mom or he just don't have a choice. My husbands favorite and now became mine too!

Ampalaya with Chicken

Ampalaya with Chicken is a quick and easy dish that is not only nutritious but also delicious. The hoisin sauce compliments the bitter melon and chicken. You can use oyster sauce and sugar if hoisin sauce is not available. 

This dish can be made with beef or pork instead of chicken but the cooking time will be longer. This Ampalaya with Chicken is so simple and easy to make, ready in less than 30 minutes. This dish is very tasty with a little bitterness.

Minatamis na Saging

Minatamis na Saging Saba or sweetened banana is a delicious Filipino dessert. One of the easiest Filipino dessert to make that the whole family would love. Minatamis na Saging is a popular dessert in the Philippines. A very sweet and easy recipe using saba or cooking banana, brown sugar, water and vanilla extract.


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