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Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

Here is how to make a delicious Sweet and Spicy Shrimp. This Sweet and Spicy Shrimp is a quick and easy recipe that is perfect for busy weeknights. You can easily adjust the heat level by using more or less of the siling labuyo or Thai chili pepper.

Coconut Maruya

Coconut Maruya or Maruyang Niyog is also known in Ilonggo as Kumbo nga Butong (butong for young coconut meat). Maruya is a type of Filipino fritter that is usually made from cooking bananas, sweet potatoes, young coconut meat or vegetables and is usually served as a mid-afternoon snack.

Skinless Longganisa

Here is how to make Skinless Longganisa at home. Skinless Longganisa is a popular Filipino breakfast that is usually served with garlic fried rice and eggs. Skinless Longganisa is a type of Filipino sausage without the casing. This skinless longganisa recipe is garlicky and sweet, and healthier than the one we can buy from the store that is fully loaded with preservative.

Buko Pandan Salad

Here is how to make a delicious Buko Pandan. Buko Pandan Salad is a Filipino dessert made from strips of young coconut meat, gelatin, nata de coco, small tapioca and cream. It is a type of cold dessert usually served after meal or for an afternoon dessert or snack.

Braised Pork in Soy Sauce

Here is the easy recipe for Braised Pork in Soy Sauce. Amazing how easy to make this flavorful Braised Pork in Soy Sauce recipe using simple and basic ingredients that you might already have in your pantry.

Chicken Kare Kare

Kare Kare is a Philippine stew made from peanut sauce and variety of meat. With this recipe, I used chicken thighs and it turned out so delicious. It is a tasty chicken dish that is one of my favorite. 

Chicken Kare Kare is so easy to make using the same kare kare ingredients. It is also budget-friendly and a great party food. 

Black Pepper Chicken

This Black Pepper Chicken is quick and easy to make. This dish is slightly sweet and packed with flavor. Black Pepper Chicken is usually made with boneless chicken thighs but feel free to use chicken breast.

Ginataang Mais

Ginataang Mais is the Filipino version of coconut rice pudding with whole kernel corn. Ginataang Mais is so simple and easy to make using basic ingredients. It is a mix of glutinous rice or malagkit, coconut milk and corn.

Ginataang Kalabasa with Shrimp

Here is how to make Ginataang Kalabasa with Shrimp and Malunggay. Ginataang Kalabasa with Shrimp and Malunggay is one easy Filipino dish to make and so delicious. This hearty Ginataang Kalabasa with Shrimp is made with squash simmered in coconut milk.

Pesang Manok Recipe

Pesang Manok is a type of Filipino chicken stew that is similar to Chicken Nilaga and Chicken Tinola. Pesang Manok is a simple boiled chicken soup and easy to make. It is made of chicken, potatoes, bokchoy or pechay, Napa cabbage or Chinese cabbage, ginger and peppercorns. 

Pesang Manok

Pesang Manok can be cooked by just boiling the chicken and adding the vegetables. Others likes to saute first to enhance the flavor. I like gingery flavor so with this boiled Pesang Manok recipe I added extra ginger and it turned out really good.