Mooon Cafe, Iloilo City

A Mexican Inspired Restaurant located at Southpoint of SM City, Iloilo City. Oh boy, I feel like I'm in Mexico again.
They do have a wide selection of food and appetizers. What is missing from the salsa is the cilantro but they surely could get away with out it.

Check out the table setting. So colorful and so Tijuana, Mexico.

The Sun Cooler, a mixed of tropical citrus fruit juice is surely a must. I like the chunks of tropical (watermelon, calamansi, oranges, fruits). It really cured our thirst and sure is refreshing. A visit to Moon Cafe is not complete without a sip of this drink.

This one is really great. I just can't stop munching I almost finished it all by myself. How I wish I could remember the name but if ever your around the area drop by and order this and ask for the chips with 5 kinds of salsa and please me message me the name :)

This one is some kind of Nachos seasoned with ground beef and cheese. For me it was okey but not that special compare to the other appetizers I ordered or maybe I had enough munchy for the day.

Thin crust Ham & Pineapple Pizza for my peaky eater companion. The sauce is light and big chunks of ham.

Nachos con Salsa below is almost the same as the chips and 5 kinds of salsa I ordered but this comes with 3 salsa/dipping sauce. The tomato salsa I think have some cubed mango which really made it so good and the white creamy dip is super tasty. I finished them all even after running out of chips.

Mexican inspired setting. I feel like I'm in Mexico again. OLA!

Don't forget the Menu with a wide selection of Mexican Inspired selection.

I also ordered the Quesadilla Veracruz which came late so I forgot to take a picture. It was also superb I guarantee it.

Cafe Laguna, Iloilo City

A Sumptuous Lunch @ SM City, Iloilo City location

I was going to order this Chicken Sotanghon but changed my mind. So many choices for lunch.

Specials for the Grads

This you have to try. So far this is the best Pancit Molo in town.

Lomi good for 3 person.
It was okey but for me Summer House Restaurant still have the best Pancit Lomi.
With the birthday Celebrant, Sarah

I love the dessert selection. Good selection of native delicacies. I ordered Puto Bungbong. Great choice and to die for. Super moist shredded coconut (just the right texture) and the Puto Bungbong is a bit crispy on the outside.

Seafood Palabok, not really a good choice or maybe I was already full from the other food?

and last, Green Mango... satisfied to the last drop!

For sure that was not my last visit to Cafe Laguna. Really great food specially the kakanin for balikbayans like me.
I almost forgot, the location and ambiance is superb. The service is an A plus.

Afrique's, Iloilo City

A Trip to Afrique's @ Robinson Mall, Iloilo City

Afrique's Pasta Carbonara
Afrique's unique place mat
Afrique's other branches
Afrique's Kids Pizza
with Ham, Pineapple, Bell Peppers and Afrique's unique sauce...yummy!

Ramboy's, Iloilo City

My new favorite, Liempo from Ramboy's in Diversion Road, Iloilo City. The restaurant is located conveniently along the road few minutes away from SM City.
Rotisserie Chicken is so yummy too.
Extra sauce is a must.
My Liempo(s) to go
Great location
Liempo display along the road.
and me...

Perri Todd's, Iloilo City

Finally, a visit to Perri Todd's All American Grilled Burger in Jaro, Iloilo City.
Check out Perri Todd's short but sweet menu.
Grilled (Gigantic) Burger with Cheese and Bacon
Grilled (Gigantic) Burger with Cheese and Mushroom
Todd's Potato (good for 3)
Victoria Lei got a medal so another excuse to eat out. Check out the size of the Hamburger. One hamburger is good for at least 3 people. We ordered 3 Hamburgers (two with cheese and bacon and one with cheese and mushroom), 2 Todd's Potato and a tower of ice tea. All for P670.00. What a deal!

Max's Restaurant, Iloilo City

Quick lunch at Max's, SM City
P65 for Chillers, great deal

Max's Budget Meals
1/4 Fried Chicken and Fresh Lumpia for Virtue
and 1/4 Fried Chicken and Pancit Canton for me
Quick service and great price... not bad at all.

Ocean City, Iloilo City

Sumptuous dinner with family

Birds Nest Soup
Camaron Rebusado
Beef and Brocolli
Pancit Guisado
Grilled Fish
Crispy Pata