Greenwich Pizza, Iloilo City

Oh la la! One of my favorite Pizza joint in Iloilo City.

Just for me... thick crust with generous amount of Ham and Pineapple. I swear I did not finished it all.

Spaghetti and a slice of Fried Chicken Combo for my friend.

Located inside SM City, Iloilo City.

Goldilocks, Iloilo City

A Philippines vacation is not complete if you don't get to sit and eat at a Goldilocks restaurant.

Pancit Malabon with generous toppings of vegetables, meat, shrimps and eggs

Mango Shake... yummy!
Goldilocks, Iloilo branch located next to SM Delgado across Coffee Break.

Dinagyang Siopao, Iloilo City

This came as a surprise... the last time I had Dinagyang Siopao was maybe 25 years. The location is like a hole in a wall. Nothing fancy but they do serve great tasting Siopao and very affordable. If you are craving for Siopao and in a tight budget then this is the place to go. Located inside Mary Mart Mall.

Chicken Siopao with generous amount of shredded chicken and a half of boiled egg.

The sauce is thick and tasty.

It went well with ice cold Mountain Dew..

They also serve Bachoy and sweet breads.

Dulgies, Iloilo City

Talking about desserts, Dulgies is the place to go. So many great selections from cakes, cupcakes and tea selections.

Let's start with the cakes selections....

Chocolate Cupcakes anyone? Super moist.

Fridge over flowing of cakes selections. Over whelming!

Red Velvet Cupcakes?

Some kind of Chocolate Custard Cakes

Yummy! Red Velvet Cakes

more Red Velvet Cupcakes....

more assortment of sweets....

Great Tea Selections, lemon was my choice.

A slice of chocolate cake for me....

Tres Leches for Marc...

Papa can't wait... Blueberry Cheesecake

Another Chocolate Cake for Auntie

For sure this won't be my last visit to Dulgies before my vacation ends. Located across SM Delgado, Iloilo City.

Bourbon Street, Iloilo City

Lunch and Meet with and

It was indeed a great lunch. Not only the food but specially the company. Having lunch with fellow bloggers is like kids in a candy store. The more photo opportunity the more happy we get.

I could really say... this is the best tasting ribs served in the City of Iloilo. Not only the ribs but also the sauce. Blogging this ribs makes me more hungry.

Moist and Juicy Chicken Strips with tasty dipping sauce.

Squid Rings, cooked perfectly. I ordered mine fried quick and not too brown.

Chicken Wings, reminds me of TGIF Restaurant. Oh la la!

With the famous bloggers of Flavours of Iloilo and Byahilo.
Bourbon Street Restaurant located at Smallville, Diversion Road, Iloilo City.

Allan's Original Talabahan, Iloilo City

Todays food trip: Allan's Talaban's new location
The new location is still in the same street, a little further down in front of Gallera de Oton (bulangan sa Oton). Location is great and a lot more bigger and roomy than the original location. I'm not sure but seems like food is different or maybe it's just me being away for a while or the cook changed?

Steamed Oyster
The famous oyster that made Allan's famous.

Grilled Bangus (Milkfish)
Milkfish split in the center, devoned, marinated and grilled.

Grilled Pantat
It was so yummy but missing the original dip made of bagoong, hot peppers and calamansi. I asked the waiter and he said they no longer serve it that way. That is a minus point for me.

Grilled Squid
Squid stuffed with onions, tomatoes and seasonings then grilled to perfection.

Baked Talaba
Oyster topped with butter and cheese then broiled.

Fish Ball, Kwek Kwek at iba pa...

An afternoon snack...

How about some fish balls and sweet spicy sauce?

Cheesy Fries
(french fries shaken in cheese and served)

or both

Kwek-Kwek and French Fries
(kwek-kwek, squal eggs dipped in flour and dipped fried)

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