Mango Float Recipe

Here's an Easy and Simple way on how to prepare Mango Float for any occasion.

1 family pack Brojas (lady fingers cookies)
5 pieces ripe medium size Mangoes
3 can large condensed milk
3 can large Nestle Cream
How to:
1. Peel and cut mangoes into thin slices. Set aside.
2. Using a deep bowl, mix the condensed milk and the nestle cream. Blend well.
3. Using a square plastic ware or a baking pan layer the brojas. 4. Layers of graham crackers followed by the mangoes, cream and milk mixture.
5. Repeat the layers of brojas and fillings until you’ve used it all.
6. Top the final layer with slices of mangoes.
7. Chill or freeze overnight and serve.

That simple. Enjoy!

Hongkong Kitchen, Iloilo City

I saw this restaurant at Robinson Mall, Iloilo lower ground so I figure I'm here so give it a try. Maybe a snack.

Bola Bola Siopao served with some dark sauce.
I had it with some ice cold coke. The Siopao was okey, it filled me up. Nothing special.

Dulcinea, Iloilo City

This time desserts from Dulcinea. A Spanish inspired restaurant located inside SM City, Iloilo City.

Mango Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

I like the chocolate fudge cake the most. I feel the mango needs more mango to it. Some fresh mango bits will be good.

Emilion Buffet, Iloilo City

A friend passed her local nursing board (Philippines) so it was a celebration at Emilion for a Spanish Buffet.

Some of the food I am not familiar with but I tried it anyway. It was all good but no second plate for me.
My plate consist of Black Paella, Pasta, an Egg dish something, Beef cooked in tomato sauce, and many more.
What I love most is the color combination of the food on my plate.

A super rich chocolate cake for dessert. Yummy!

They also offer all you can eat Halo-Halo... that was the highlight for me and for my buddy Durst.
Emilion International Cuisine
3rd Floor, The Grand Dame Hotel
Corner Rizal & Huervana Streets, Lapaz, Iloilo City
For Reservations call: 320-5252/0917-7188873

Red Ribbon, Iloilo City

Another favorite of mine during our last Iloilo City visit.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Which became an instant hit to my family. I think what I really love about it is it's so soft and lots of chocolate flavor to it and the condensed milk taste.

Mango Cream Pie
Red Ribbon brings back an old favorite, Mango Cream Pie, with a more flavorful, more mango filling, more refreshing twist.

Mango Cream Roll
Lots of Mango Cream Roll for everyone.
Located at:
Robinson Iloilo, 121-123 Level I, De Leon St. Roxas Village, Iloilo City
Tel no. 335-0226 / 335-0075

Starbucks, Iloilo City

After two years of wait, Iloilo branch opened.

My regular order, Mocha Frappuccino
A blissful blended beverage, created with espresso, chocolate, ice and milk by our expert baristas.

Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino
To create this Starbucks original, they combine espresso, milk, vanilla and ice, then top it with real, rich caramel sauce.

For sandwiches, our choice was Tuna Melt Pandesal.
Starbucks located at: South-point of SM City Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Terra Mediterranean Cuisine, Iloilo City

If you love Greek food like me then this is the place to eat.
A must try if you ever find yourself in Iloilo City.
The staff are well trained and very courteous.
They also have wide menu selection.
The restaurant setting is superb. Really clean and I could say classy.

For starter I ordered this Watermelon Salad topped with Feta Cheese.
What a combination, salty and sweet. Love it.

Artichoke Dip served with Peta bread.

Mezethes served with Peta Bread... so garlicky and tasty I just can't stop.

Roasted Bone Marrow served with French Baguette,
this is the first but won't be the last.

Ground Chicken, Beef and Fish Kabobs served with what I think is yogurt with extra garlic good.
My favorite was the chicken.
Thank's Jorry of
I highly recommended this restaurant to those Greek Food Lover like me.

Located at The Avenue Complex, Iloilo City.

Chowking, Iloilo City

A quick Breakfast + Lunch = BRUNCH.



Beef Mami

Ang bagong simbolo nang Tagumpay....

Goldilocks, Iloilo City

My new Goldilocks favorite....

Egg Pie
Egg pie from Goldilocks and fresh young coconut juice, a great afternoon snack.

The Summer House, Iloilo City

2011 visit..... every visit to The Summer House restaurant in Iloilo City is always a gastronomical experience. If only possible to order everything in menu.

How could I forget the name of this soup? Anyone please help!

Lumpia Shanghai

Shrimp Rebosado

Camaron Rebusado

Buttered Chicken

Pata Tim