Pinakbet Recipe

A mouth watering Ilonggo Recipe that is also known as Pakbet in Ilonggo.

1/2 lb. Pork, sliced thin
1 tblspn. Bagoong (Sauteed Shrimp paste)
1 lb. Longbeans, cut bite size
1 lb. Kalabasa (squash) cut cubes
2 pcs. Ampalaya (bittermelon) sliced bitesize
1/2 lb. Okra, cut halves
1 med. piece Talong (eggplant) cut bitesize
4 pcs. Garlic, crushed
1 med. Onion, sliced thin
Salt & pepper to taste.
2 tablespoon Cooking Oil
Cooking Direction:
Using a wok set heat on medium. Saute garlic, onion in cooking oil till golden brown. Add pork and continue cooking. When it starts to sizzle add the bagoong. Season with enough salt and pepper to taste. Add the vegetables starting from sitaw, ampalaya, kalabasa, okra and talong. Stir fry for few minutes then add a cup add a cup of water and simmer till vegetables are cooked. Serve over steam rice. A lot of rice.

Check out this bunch of vegetables I purchased from a swap meat we have here in Anaheim every Thursday. It can't get any fresher than this.

Salsa Recipe

My favorite side dish that goes well with almost any grilled dish or fried.

5 pieces large tomato, diced small
1 large onion, diced small
1/2 cup diced cilantro
1 piece jalapeno pepper, chopped fine
1/2 cup lemon juice
salt to taste
How to make a home made Salsa:
Mix lemon and salt in a mixing bowl till salt dissolves. Toss all the vegetables in the same bowl. Chill for at least an hour and serve with your favorite grilled/fried meat or seafood. Enjoy.

Steamed Vegetables

A simple healthy side dish

1 lb cabbage, cut into bite size
1 large carrot, cut into bite size
1 cup chicken broth or 1 cup water
salt to taste
Cooking Direction:
Bring chicken broth or water and salt to boil in a pot in medium low heat. Once the broth starts boiling reduce heat to low. Arrange the vegetables in a steamer and steam on top of the broth. Cover and steam for few more minutes. Remove from heat and serve with your favorite grilled meat or fish.

Ground Beef and Potatoes Recipe

Here is a simple dish that everyone in the family would love. How I wish I have a name for it but I am sure it is a Filipino dish.
A simple dish and simple ingredients yet full of flavors. It takes 25-30 minutes to cook one.
1/2 lb lean ground beef
1 cup cubed potato
1/2 cup cubed red bell pepper
1 small onion, sliced thin
1 small tomato, sliced thin
3 pieces garlic cloves
1 teaspoon olive oil
salt and black ground pepper to taste
1 cup of water
Cooking Direction:
Heat a deep pan and place olive oil in medium-low heat. Saute ingredients starting with garlic, onion, tomato and ground beef till ground beef turns golden brown. Season with a dash of ground pepper. Add the diced potatoes and bell pepper. Saute till potatoes is half way cooked. Now add the cup of water and simmer for maybe 5 minutes or till the potatoes is fully cooked. Season with desire salt. Simmer in low heat for another minute or two. Remove from heat and serve. Great when serve with steam rice.

The Pogi Boy Truck in OC

Orange County based Filipino fusion food truck. The newest and hippest food truck to hit the streets of the OC and also home of the ORIGINAL 'Poot' Long Lumpia!!!
Serving modern Filipino cuisine and home of the "Poot Long Lumpia"
They do offer different specials everyday aside from the regular items they carry. Prices are affordable and food are cooked fresh as you order.
Check out the Wings-a-ding-dings. I love how it was prepared. Specially the awesome.
Here is the "Pootlong" Lumpia. Not only a foot long length but really filled with meat. Super yummy. It all went well with an ice cold coke.
I can't wait with my next The Pogi Boy Truck encounter.
Here is the truck I followed the other night. Hoping I could get a day time picture next time.
It was a great experience and great food.
Follow them on Facebook at or their website at

Grill Boy in Fullerton

Also known as The Grill

Located in Fullerton on the corner of Orangethorpe and State College. Each order is prepared fresh as it is received and made the way you like it. For more menu and information visit there website at:

My family decided to do brunch in one of my favorite restaurant with a combination of Mexican and American food.

Avocado Omelette and Hash Brown well done

Hotdog with lots of grilled onion with Zucchini Fries

Pastrami Sandwich Dip

Open Monday thru Satuday from 6:00am to 10:00pm Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00pm
The Grill
2401 E. Orangethorpe Ave Fullerton, CA 92831