I got so excited seeing Rambutan in our local 99 Ranch Grocery Store in Anaheim. Price is stiff but worth it. Even my boys loved it. At first they were just staring at it not knowing what this thing is so I explained to them that this is a fruit, a sweet fruit. I opened one and had them taste a piece then they did not stop till it was all gone.

$5.99/lb but was on sale for $2.99/lb

Day Four

Our last day on board Carnival Inspiration.
So much food, don't really know where to start.

Somewhat healthy breakfast.. grapefruit, pancake, bacon, scrambled egg and beans.
For lunch... pasta, honey ham, crab cake, baked salmon and baguettes
and this is dinner... corn muffin, stuffed tomato, baked fish and pot roast
So many options, so little time left hehehe
For dessert I settled for Tiramisu, 2 servings
In 3 years again.....

Day Three

Destination Ensenada, Mexico
A fun day full of food and day trip to La Bufadora. 

A Hearty Breakfast to start our day. 
Flan and Fruits too 
Authentic Mexican food with ice cold Corona for lunch at Mexico
Back on ship snacks
For Dinner, Italian...some pasta, grilled veggies and shrimp dish
Don't forget the Dessert, Tiramisu, Banana Cake and Chocolate Cake

Day Two

Day two of our 4 days Carnival Cruise bound to Catalina Island. I went crazy over the dessert table. Thank God they offer free unlimited juice, tea, coffee and water aside from all the free food.
 For Brunch I have 2 plates of assorted food. 

 Never ending cakes choices that day. 
 How can you say NO to all this desserts.

For dinner we joined the Captains Formal Dinner for a change.
 Tiger Shrimp Cocktail is my choice for appetizer
 Alligarot Fritters for Hubby
 The Best ever Prime Rib for me and Hubby
 Two serving of Lobster and Tiger Shrimp Dinner for me. Yes, all for me and it was all good till the last bite. 
Creme Brulee for Dessert me. I run of stomach room so one order was enough.

Day One

Here are some of the pictures of the food I consumed during our 1st day of our 4 days Carnival Cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico. 
 My 1st meal on board, Stir fry noodles Mandarin Style and Mango Moose Cake. 
 Another meal around 4 pm, Steak and Ham and Fruits for dessert. 
 I love the Sushi Bar w/c is open from 5:00 till 8:30 pm 
 Some of my dessert selection for 7 pm
Late dinner around 9 pm, Turkey Sandwich, Green Salad and more Cakes.