A simple yet very satisfying dish!

1 lb large shrimp
1 medium size tomato, cut into 4
1 medium size onion, cut into 4
1 stem green onion, cut into 4
1 tablespoon knorr tamarind sinigang mix (or more if you want it more sour)
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
2 cups water

You can also add some vegetables like sitaw, talong or any vegetables desired. This recipe I added 1 medium size eggplant, cut into bitesize. I added it same time with the onion and tomato. 

Cooking Direction:
Using a medium saucepan, bring water to boil in medium heat.
Once it start boiling add onion, tomato and simmer.
Season with salt, pepper and sinigang mix. Simmer for a minute.
Add shrimp, simmer till shrimp turns pinkish.
Add green onion, simmer for a minute then remove pan from heat.
Serve and Enjoy!

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