Chicken Hamonado

A recipe that is great for any occasion. Serve it sliced or whole. You could also prepare this using pork.
Search this blog for the complete Pork Hamonado recipe.

3 large chicken breast, fillet
2 cups pineapple juice
4 pieces sliced pineapple, cut thin
1 small carrot, sliced thin
6 pieces sweet pickles, sliced thin
2 tablespoon brown sugar
salt and ground pepper to taste

Cooking Direction:
Mix pineapple juice, brown sugar, salt and ground pepper in a deep dish.
Add chicken fillet to the mixture for 30 minutes and refrigerate.
Remove chicken breast and set aside the remaining juice.
Spread chicken fillet on a flat surface and top with slices of pickles, carrots, pineapple and roll.
Arrange rolled chicken on a deep pan and cover with the remaining juice.
Simmer in medium heat for 20 minutes.
Remove chicken from the pan and arrange in a platter.
Simmer remaining juice till it thickens. Pour over the chicken and serve.

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