Best Traditional Filipino Christmas Food

Here are the Filipino Christmas Recipes usually served during the Filipino Noche Buena Feast. Feel free to suggest more recipes for more o...


Tortang Talong Recipe

A Simple yet very tasting and filling dish.

6 pieces small Japanese Eggplant
2 piece egg
salt and ground pepper to taste
cooking oil for frying
Cooking Direction:
Broil eggplant in the oven or stove top. Allow it cool. Peel the skin and discard. Beat 2 pcs. of egg. Sprinkle a dash of ground pepper and salt. Dip the eggplant. Flatten the eggplant on the egg using a fork.
Fry the eggplant dipped in egg in cooking oil in medium low heat. Remove from heat and serve.

Great when served with banana catsup.
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