Kadyos Baboy Langka

"Kadyos, Baboy, Langka"
With the help of my fellow bloggers Lee and Jorp ( finally I created (I made it sound like a master piece hehehe) KBL. I was in the Asian store first thing this morning. I was in a mission to look for kadyos, langka, kamote leaves and batuan. I did found langka and kamote leaves both frozen and from the Philippines but no batuan so as Lee's advise I used sampaloc powder. In regards to kadyos, I bought chinese dried red beans (balatong uyas). The meat I used pork leg (tiil panguna according to my husband)
After an hour of boiling the meat and the beans and all the time spent in the kitchen all was worth it. Thank's buddies I had the taste of a sumptious KBL!
P.S. I will cook this again for my mother who will be visiting this Christmas from Northern California. She will be so proud of me hahaha.

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